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When to Expect Baby Teeth to Appear

A COUPLE OF the most significant rites of passage in childhood are the first baby teeth and the first adult teeth. We’re here to give parents a general timeline to follow.

The Baby Teeth Schedule

Baby teeth tend to arrive in pairs, alternating between the upper and lower arches. First up are the lower front teeth, usually between six and ten months. Next are the upper front teeth between eight and twelve months. Then come the lateral incisors, the first bottom, then the top. Then the first molars, the canines, and finally the second molars.

When Does the First Tooth Become Loose?

Kids lose their baby teeth from the time they are about five or six, on average. If your child is at the low end of that range and has not yet lost any teeth, you may want to check in with a dentist to see why. In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about; late-blooming teeth tend to be more resistant to cavities than early ones!

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