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At Sawgrass Pediatric Dentistry are committed to providing your child with safe, gentle, and state of the art dental care. We want to establish a "Dental Home" for your child by the age of one. Preventive services we offer are new patient appointments, dental prophylaxis (cleanings), radio-graphs (x-rays), fluoride treatments, hygiene instructions, regular checkups, and sealants.


Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a progressive disease resulting from the interaction between naturally occurring bacteria and sugar in our everyday diets. The bacteria produce an acid by consuming the sugar from our diets which breaks the tooth down causing a cavity. The dentist will remove the cavity and fill it will a restorative material suited for the tooth based on the extent of the cavity. By brushing and flossing twice daily along with a diet low in sugar, we can help prevent tooth decay and help you avoid costly treatment. Dr. Ryan and her staff will help teach your child and you proper brushing and flossing habits as well as review diet changes that can help prevent tooth decay.



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Sealants were designed to be applied to the pits and grooves found on molars to prevent tooth decay. Most tooth decay in children and teenagers occur in these areas. They help prevent trapping of food in some areas that cannot be easily cleaned daily. The sealants are typically a resin material and are routinely checked at cleaning appointments to see if they remain or need to be reapplied. Placement of sealants does not require drilling or removing any tooth structure. The process is extremely quick and easy. They are typically placed on the permanent molars when they erupt into the mouth and children usually get the first molar at age 6 and the second molar at age 12. Occasionally sealants can be placed on baby molars if your child is a high risk for dental cavities.


Fluoride is a substance that helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth strong. It is commonly found in the toothpaste and drinking water. During your child's evaluation, Dr. Ryan will determine if their fluoride exposure is adequate to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride varnish, a highly concentrated form of fluoride, will be placed at every cleaning appointment. 

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