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How To Face The First Dental Visit Like a Boss

It's not just the pediatric dentist who can make your child feel at home in the dental chair. You can do a lot, too!

Dental care is essential, but it's not exactly the most exciting thing in the world.

That's why the team at Sawgrass Pediatric Dentistry wants to help you make your child's first dental appointment as fun and stress-free as possible. After all, if they're not excited about going to the dentist, how can we expect them to keep up with their oral hygiene?

Here are a few tips for helping your child get excited about going to see your friendly neighborhood dentist:

Once a child has teeth, they can benefit from dental care so start early. The American Dental Association recommends that your child see the dentist at the sign of their first tooth or first birthday, whichever comes first. The earlier they know the dentist, the easier it is to build a trusting relationship.

Play pretend! If you have an older child who isn't ready for the real thing yet, play pretend—they'll love pretending they're at the dentist's office with you!

Explain what will happen ahead of time. If your child is very young, explain what will happen before you head into the office. This will help them understand why you're bringing them in for their first visit and what might happen during their checkup.

Make dental hygiene a priority. Kids who already know how much brushing and flossing matter will quickly appreciate what happens during checkups and make good choices later.

Be there for support. No amount of information can replace the reassuring presence of a loved and trusted adult.

We look forward to meeting your child and getting to know them better!

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